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JANUARY 2013 | Skyhorse helicopter ZS-RSB returns from the Middle East.

On Jan 18th, Skyhorse helicopter ZS-RSB returned to South Africa after 12 months in the Middle East. The arduous 11-day, 10,000 kilometer journey required 23 fuel stops in 13 different countries! But thorough preparation and detailed logistical planning ensured that our pilots had a smooth and problem-free trip.  ZS-RSB is now in for some scheduled maintenance and will be ready for the next task in February.

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DECEMBER 2012 | ZS-RSS, ZS-RUG and ZS-RZW celebrate Christmas in the bush.

Due to a busy schedule and approaching deadlines we kept three aircraft operational over the festive season. Flying continued during Christmas and New Year ensuring all production remained on course. We would like to thank the crew for maintaining a high level of professionalism and safety throughout the merry season. Well done to all involved!

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